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H2K Technologies

Remediation Systems

Waste Water Systems

Municiple Water Systems

Industrial Water Filtration Equipment and Services

At H2K Technologies, Inc., we provide product application and design services for industrial water, municipal water, potable water and wastewater treatment systems and applications. In addition, we also serve as an industry leader in remediation systems involving air, water, and soil treatment products and equipment within the marketplace.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

H2K offers water, soil, and air treatment equipment solutions for the industrial market. The product line we offer stems from our 30 years of experience in the industrial, municipal, potable and wastewater equipment markets and covers groundwater treatment equipment and an extensive range of other solutions.

At H2K Technologies, Inc., the municipal water and waste water treatment products, equipment, and services we offer include:

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Remediation Products and Services

Our remediation product line has developed from over 30 years of experience in the remedial, industrial, potable and municipal equipment markets. We serve a range of customers with our products and services, including oil companies, industrial manufacturers, engineering firms, government agencies, and contractors.

Our remediation product and service offerings include:

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Advanced Environmental Solutions

For more information about how we can serve your water/waste water and remediation needs with our municipal and industrial water treatment solutions, call us today at 763.746.9900 or complete our contact form.

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