About H2K Technologies

H2K Technologies, Inc. (H2K) is a diverse, multi-disciplined manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the wastewater and remedial environmental markets.

H2K’s products consist of a proven line of water and air filtration equipment sold in the industrial wastewater, municipal and environmental markets. The product line is a combination of our manufactured products and our OEM relationships we have with our suppliers. Our competitive strength is our ability to integrate combinations of products into complete working systems designed to the customer’s specifications. Packaged systems are assembled in our shop where we run mechanical and electrical tests prior to shipping so the system will be up and running quickly after delivery. We also offer stand-alone products based on the application and our customer’s needs. Because of our years of experience in the business we are well connected with different suppliers and fabricators, giving us options for depth and negotiating power. In addition to manufacturing, we offer system startup, operator training, system maintenance and operation, media service and project related engineering services.

Features and Capabilities

H2K’s products and services are sold to a variety of customers including consulting engineering firms, industrial manufacturers, petrochemical companies, contractors, and government agencies. The products we offer include:

  • Sand and Multimedia Filters for particulate solids filtration
  • Carbon adsorption packages for organic removal from water and air
  • Blower packages used for soil vapor extraction or air sparge applications
  • Oil Water Separators for water and oil separation
  • Airstripping packages for volatile organic removal from water
  • Compressor packages used as ancillary products to treatment equipment
  • Tanks, pumps, instrumentation used as ancillary product to treatment equipment
  • Clarifiers, filter packages for particulate solids filtration
  • Thermal oxidizers for thermal destruction of organic contamination in the air
  • Controls for system operation and control
  • Portable buildings, skids and trailer packages, with various combinations of the above equipment or stand-alone buildings