Carbon & Media Exchange Services

H2K Technologies has a long history of providing industrial water filtration vessels. We also support these products with slurry & vacuum service for media removal, loading, changeout, and disposal.

Carbon and Media ExchangeH2K Technologies has a broad line of industrial pressure vessels for carbon and other filtration media. Our custom-built vessels include construction options in carbon steel, 304/316 stainless, and fiberglass with offerings up to 12′ diameter. Carbon vessels are used to treat contaminated air and water by removing dissolved organic compounds. H2K pressure vessels are utilized in many applications including municipal, industrial, groundwater, and waste water environments. These vessels are filled with activated carbon media which catches the desired contaminants.

While activated carbon is one of the most efficient methods of removing volatile organics, it does have a finite capacity before breakthrough. Once breakthrough is reached, carbon must be replaced with a fresh media fill. Carbon changeout is most commonly performed via vacuum transfer. The removed media is transferred to bulk sacks to facilitate transportation to a disposal or reactivation facility.

Vac service changeout, loading, & removal

Carbon and Media ExchangeH2K Technologies has vacuum & slurry service options to support on-site changeout services for carbon and other media. Our vac system is capable of removal and loading vapor-phase and liquid-phase media typically supplied with our industrial vessel product line. Supported filter media includes activated carbon, sand, gravel, organoclay, greensand, ion-exchange resin, and more. We will containerize your spent media in supersacs for easy handling and transport. Additional logistics support is also available. H2K will assist as stages of your project including carbon sampling, characterization, transport, disposal, and reactivation, and vessel supply.

H2K Service technicians are highly trained, experienced, and are OSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper certified. Service support includes both hazardous and non-hazardous material. Call our team today to discuss how we can support your next media exchange project.