CTU Series – Complete Water Treatment Unit

H2K Technologies broad water treatment product line is best served when operating together as a unit. Our complete treatment system combines our best products in a turnkey water treatment system. 

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Water treatment systems often require multiple technologies to handle seemingly simple problems. For instance, the technologies to remove volatile organic compounds are well defined; air stripping and activated carbon are very useful for treatment of many VOCs including chlorinated solvents and gasoline & diesel range organics. Wastewater chemistry is often very complex and competing contaminants will affect removal efficiency of each other, so multiple water treatment technologies are often required to reach discharge limits. Oil & grease, suspended solids, dissolved solids, and metals loading all can cause problems with other water treatment equipment, so these must be addressed as part of a turnkey treatment system.

H2K Technologies’ CTU-Series product line is designed to provide complete water treatment in complex wastewater processes. This turnkey system package combines the best H2K Tech treatment equipment as a single solution to treat water with multiple types of pollution. The CTU-Series treatment system is five products in one, featuring the following equipment:

  • Oil/water separator – Oil & grease can cause the biggest issues in other treatment equipment when surfaces get coated with sticky product that blinds off treatment surfaces and media. Water flows through our coalescing oil-water separator to remove free product before any other treatment.
  • Non-fouling Air Stripper – Our patented aeration process is designed to provide bulk VOC reduction and to aerate dissolved solids out of solution forming suspended solids. This air stripper uses non-fouling diffusers which allows continuous performance even with heavy solids loading.
  • Inclined Plate Clarifier – Aerated water flows directly into an inclined plate clarifier to remove suspended solids after aeration. Suspended solids are collected in a sump at the base of the unit. Collected solids can be processed with a filter press or decanting process.
  • Sand Filters – Carbon filter effectiveness is greatly affected by suspended solids loading, heavy TSS loading will blind off the carbon and reduce treatment capacity. A lamella clarifier typically removes 75% – 90% of suspended solids, so sand filters are required to polish water before entering the carbon vessels.
  • Carbon Filters – Carbon vessels are effective for providing 100% removal of many organic compounds from water. Vessels are provided in lead/lag pairs to provide a safety factor against contaminant breakthrough as carbon capacity is consumed with VOC removal.

Experienced System Design Considerations

Complete treatment systems from H2K Tech are custom engineered with the best features from our individual water treatment products.

  • Honeycomb coalescing oil/water separator media is used to remove free floating LNAPL product from the process inlet. The separation media design allows oil droplets to coalesce on the media surface and float to the top of the chamber for skimming to a collection tank.
  • Non-fouling aerators provide high volume bubble aeration to the process to oxidize hardness, iron, manganese, and other dissolved solids which drives them out of solution to form suspended solids. Diffusers use coarse openings and are raised off the bottom of the tank which eliminates fouling issues that plague other air strippers.
  • Sloped Lamella plates are used to enhance suspended solids settling in the clarifier chamber. Plates are spaced on 2″ intervals which allows solids and sludge to collect and drain to the holding sump for collection & removal. Settling plates greatly reduce the total required tank volume for effective settling.
  • System control panels are built and installed by our in-house UL-listed panel shop to provide a full turnkey system design. Remote monitoring, datalogging, and SCADA options are available for systems installed in remote locations.
  • Equipment packaging options include skid-mounting or weatherproof enclosures. Enclosure options include custom wood-frame and steel-frame welded buildings. We operate and maintain many of these systems ourselves, so layouts are designed to provide ease of maintenance.

Sample Projects

Wastewater Treatment for Discharge – This complete water treatment system was installed for a wastewater treatment stream which included almost everything under the sun. Process water included heavy oil & grease, suspended solids, dissolved solids, BOD, and VOC loading.

Landfill Cleanup System This custom equipment package was installed for site remediation of a former landfill site with a complex mixture of contaminants. Process required removal of DNAPL & LNAPL products before further treatment of a wide range of VOCs including TCE, PCE, and BTEX. This turnkey treatment system included a large combination clarifier/oil separator followed by an air stripper for VOC removal and media filters for TSS removal and final VOC polishing step before discharge.

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