Electrical Integrated Enclosures (E-Houses)

H2K Technologies E-houses are portable prefabricated walk in electrical enclosures used for medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, Drives, MCC, CDC, and overall system controls for the application. E houses are fully integrated including component mounting, programming, wiring, HVAC and thoroughly factory tested prior to shipment. They are an alternative to traditional fabricated fixed structures built with on site via multiple trades and vendors. E houses require minimal field installation as they are fully tested prior to arrival on site. This cuts on site commissioning and overall startup time to a minimum. E-Houses also very mobile and can easily be moved to new locations as needed.

Product & Model Specifications



  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Mining Metals and Minerals Industry
  • Railway Industry
  • Environmental Equipment and Controls Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Marine Industry

Features and Benefits

  • Fully Factory Integrated Design
  • Custom built sizes to best fit site space requirements / limitations
  • Cost effective due to one party responsibility, design, construction, testing and commissioning
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • Integrated controls, programming, remote monitoring packages
  • Mobile design for easy installation and relocating as necessary
  • Fire rated designs
  • Epoxy coated carbon steel construction
  • One contact responsibility solution
  • Transportation and on site logistics coordination
  • Pad design assistance

Certifications & Options

  • Built to International Building Code (IBC) standards
  • Built to National Electric Code (NEC) standards
  • PE stamp designs for Wind, Earthquake, and Snow Load
  • Nationally Recognized Third-Party Lab (NRTL) complete Electrical Certifications
  • UL 508 / UL 698A / CSA

Specialty Design Considerations

  • Custom size enclosures
  • Specific required materials (SST, Galvanized Exterior etc.)
  • Blast proof designs
  • Modular to fit site requirements