Engineered Treatment Applications

H2K Technologies is the best choice for water and vapor treatment because our broad product line is supported by our knowledgeable team of engineers. Our capabilities for system engineering, packaging, and integration will support your project from initial concepts to installation and startup. We have provided solutions for a broad range of water and vapor treatment systems, below is information on select engineered applications.

Carbon vessel shed, Water remediation system PFAS Water Treatment

Per- & Poly-fluoroalkyl substances like PFOA & PFOS are manufactured chemicals which don’t degrade in the environment and can contaminate water indefinitely. PFAS compounds can cause serious health effects, exposure is most commonly via consuming contaminated water. H2K provides filtration solutions for drinking water and remediation applications.

PFAS Treatment Solutions

Industrial sand filter system, turnkey water filtration Iron & Manganese Removal

Dissolved iron & manganese can cause poor water quality and foul process piping. H2K provides oxidation and filtration solutions for remove Fe & Mn from water systems.

Iron & Manganese Removal Solutions

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Removal

Volatile organic compounds include chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE), gasoline range organics (BTEX), and other environmental pollutants. VOC treatment often includes a combination of air stripping, activated carbon, and solids filtration.

VOC Removal Solutions

Turnkey Complete Water Treatment 

Many water treatment projects require removal of a complex range of contaminants. H2K Technologies’ CTU-Series provides complete water treatment in a single package designed for operating in environments with heavy loading from solids, metals, oils, grease, and more.

Turnkey Complete Water Treatment

Carbon & Media Exchange Services

H2K Technologies offers vacuum and slurry media exchange services for turnkey changeout & disposal of carbon, sand, resin, and more.

Carbon Vacuum Service Information

Bench-Scale & Pilot Testing

H2K Technologies’ experience engineering team offers bench-scale and pilot testing services for feasibility testing of water treatment systems before full-scale design and implementation.

Bench-Scale & Pilot Testing Services

Why H2K Technologies?

H2K’s products consist of a proven line of water, air and soil filtration and handling equipment sold nationally. The services we provide are system startup, operator training and project-related engineering services.

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H2K’s manufacturing facility is located in Corcoran, MN. Our shop is well equipped to produce our stand-alone products as well as large scale integrated projects or building systems, with complete assembly and testing done within our facility prior to shipment.

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H2K provides complete submittal documentation packages with each order for customer approval prior to proceeding. Operation and maintenance manuals are also provided with system shipment.

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