Low Profile Air Strippers

Stacked tray air strippers remove Benzene (BTEX), TCE, PCE, and other volatile organics (VOCs) from water using forced aeration across a set of trays

Data Sheet for Low Profile Air Strippers

Treatment Basics

Low profile stacked tray air strippers are used in wastewater and groundwater treatment to remove volatile organic compounds. Contaminated water is fed into the top of the unit and flows downward through a set of trays. VOC removal occurs as forced air draft flows counter-current with water in the air stripper. Clean air blown through 3/16″ diameter holes in each tray forms a froth of bubbles generating a large mass transfer surface area where the contaminants are volatilized. Air stripper water treatment efficiency depends on contact time and air/water ratio. H2K Technologies can model VOC removal to determine the best air stripper for site discharge requirements. We offer low profile air strippers capable of up to 1,000 GPM water treatment capacity. Treatment efficiency can reach over 99% removal of gasoline-range organics (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene), chlorinated compounds (trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, vinyl chloride), and other volatile organics

Air Stripper Fouling

One of the biggest factors with air stripper performance and maintenance is fouling from inorganic compounds. The aeration process which removes volatile organics so well also causes dissolved solids precipitation. Fouling and scaling from calcium hardness, iron, and manganese is very common and can cause reduced VOC treatment. As solids form, they accumulate on the treatment surface and restrict airflow which reduces performance. Low profile air strippers typically require routine cleaning to remove scale and maintain performance.

For water treatment in high solids environments, we manufacture a non-fouling air stripper. The DTA-Series is a strong option for environments with elevated inorganic loading, especially from iron, manganese, and hardness. Our unique design uses a set of elevated aerators which allows solids to fall below the treatment surface. This prevents solids from fouling & plugging the aerators and provides unrestricted airflow for continuous performance.

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Non-Fouling Air Strippers

Air stripper applications

  • Brownfield remediation
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Groundwater pump & treat remediation
  • Removal of chlorinated compounds (Trichloroethene, Tetrachloroethene, Vinyl Chloride, Carbon tetrachloride, Trichloroethane)
  • Trihalomethane removal (including chloroform, bromoform, and fluoroform)
  • Gasoline range organic removal (Benzene, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, BTEX)
  • Turnkey remediation systems
  • Portable water treatment packages
  • Rental water treatment equipment

  • Removal of dissolved volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from water
  • Drinking water for dissolved VOC’s
  • Groundwater /wastewater treatment
  • Removal of dissolved gasoline range organics (BTEX compounds), DRO & other hydrocarbons from water (including MTBE)
  • De-gasification (CO2removal)
  • Removal of dissolved chlorinated organic compounds from water (TCE, PCE, TCA, DCA…)
  • Radon removal


  • Induced draft blower configuration for humidity
  • Larger clear well for more pump down volume
  • High flow units up to 1000 gpm
  • Sound enclosure with urethane sound insulation to reduce sound level 10-15 dBA at 3
  • Centrifugal discharge pump & level controls
  • Heat trace or immersion heaters for classified or non-classified electrical areas for freeze protection
  • R-5 insulation with jacket, (FRP or aluminum jacket)
  • Custom control panel to control blower, pumpand other equipment if required
  • Process duct heater to lower humidity in off gas vapor before vapor GAC treatment
  • Off gas ducting, FRP, PVC, coated or hot dipped galvanized steel construction
  • Enclosures or trailer for freeze protection or mobility
  • Flow, pressure, level & temperature gages or transmitters

Sample Projects

Pump & Treat Remediation

The low profile air stripper was installed at a groundwaater remediation site. Water treatment equipment included air stripping, liquid phase carbon, process blowers/pumps, and system controls in a turnkey package. System design is for 75 GPM continuous flow to treat Benzene and other gasoline range organics.

Rental Water Treatment System

H2K Technologies has rental air strippers available for a range of applications from low flow pilot testing to full scale systems. We offer both individual item and full turnkey system rental. Low profile air strippers can be packaged with other treatment equipment such as oil/water separators, sediment filters, and carbon vessels.

Rental treatment skid, stacked tray air stripper, bag filters