Guidelines     Directions:    
  Municipal 2-4 gpm/ft2   Input the values requested in yellow to the left. We have included typical loading rates in the guidelines for reference. The recommended filter model and brief data will automatically update in green below. If you wish to have an engineer contact you, enter your contact info in the space provided and click submit at the bottom of the page.    
  Large particle industrial 4-7 gpm/ft2      
  Low loading industrial 7-10 gpm/ft2      
  Utility filtration 10-15 gpm/ft2      
  Multi-media backwash 12-15 gpm/ft2      
  Sand filter backwash 15-20 gpm/ft2      
  Input conditions       Tank Selection -    
  Nominal flow rate (gpm)     Total number of vessels required:    
  Maximum flow rate (gpm)     Tank diameter (ft)        
  Approx. backwash loading (gpm/ft2)     Tank bed area (ft2)        
  Approx. process loading rate (gpm/ft2)     Backwash loading rate (gpm/ft2)        
          Process loading rate (gpm/ft2)        
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