Industrial Oil/Water Separators

H2K oily water separators are designed for the removal of non-emulsified oils & grease and other floating contaminants from a water treatment process

Data Sheet for LLS Oil & Water Separator

Oil/water separators (OWS) are optimal for removal of gasoline range oils (GRO), diesel range oils (DRO), grease, synthetic oils, and other light non-aqueous products (LNAPL) from water. Effective separation & treatment is possible for any non-emulsified product with a specific gravity less than 1.0, which is lighter than water. Industrial oil/water separators are a simple and effective tool for any wastewater treatment process that requires oil & grease removal because gravity is the driving force for the separation.

H2K industrial oil/water separators use a unique cross-fluted PVC coalescer for oil and grease removal from water. The oil coalescing media provides laminar flow and high surface area, which increases oil & grease removal as small droplets coalesce together on the separation media surface. Separated oil droplets attached to the coalescing media provide additional surface area and attract other droplets to the separation media. This removal process collects oil droplets until they are large enough to float to the surface for skimming. H2K Separators are ½ the volume and as little as 1/5 the length of gravity separators. Industrial oil-water separator sizing is based on the oil’s specific gravity, droplet size, and other discharge requirements. If you are looking for oil water separator manufacturers, H2K oil/water separators are constructed to standards that meet or exceed API Bulletin 421, API Bulletin 1630, UL Subject 2215, and USCG 46 CFR 162.050

Oil-water separator performance is driven by Stokes’ law, which considers the relative specific gravity of two fluids and viscosity of the main fluid. Required residence time and separator sizing will depend of the specific gravity of the product being removed from water. Gasoline range products (GRO) are typically lighter than diesel range products (DRO) and can be separated from water more easily. Many synthetic oil products have higher specific gravity and require longer OWS residence time, but separation is still attainable.

H2K Technologies manufactures high-quality industrial oil-water separators suitable for use in any environment. Typical projects include industrial wastewater treatment plants, groundwater treatment, and agricultural processes. Our aboveground rectangular oil/water separators include fiberglass, stainless steel and epoxy-coated carbon steel construction options provide compatibility with any water treatment process, including corrosive environments.

oil water seperator

Typical industrial oil-water separator applications include:

  • Oil & Grease removal from water
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Groundwater remediation treatment
  • Light non-aqueous phase product removal
  • Free phase product separation
  • Diesel range product removal (DRO)
  • Gasoline range product removal (GRO)
  • Synthetic oil removal
  • Non-emulsified product removal
  • Free product removal from water
  • Dense non-aqueous phase product removal
  • Mixed oil, grease, product and solids removal
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Oil refineries
  • Manufacturing facility wastewater
  • Recycling facilities
  • Wastewater treatment facilities

H2K Technologies custom-engineers industrial oily water separator solutions for any water treatment conditions. Design Considerations include oil specific gravity, water flow rate, and process solids loading. Excessive solids loading poses challenges in oil/water separator design with potential fouling of the separation media. We offer different sized media packs and custom separator design to handle suspended solids and maintain clean oil separation media. Clean separation media is critical to industrial oil/water separator performance because fouled media increases water velocity and reduces retention time in the unit. Separated oil collects on the water surface and must be skimmed from the unit for removal. Our standard unit includes a passive skimmer, but motorized skimmer designs are available for active product skimming. Packaged treatment systems are available with other options including integral product storage, process pumps, system controls, and other water treatment products.

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Oil/Water Separator Construction Options

Fiberglass Construction:

Fiberglass construction is the most common oil/water separators from H2K Technologies. These units perform well where corrosion resistance is required or pH level is strongly acidic or basic. Fiberglass separators are also a good choice in coastal areas where salt would cause rust to steel units.

oil and water separator

oil water seperation

Stainless-Steel Construction:

Stainless-Steel units can be built to the same spec as steel and fiberglass units, with the advantages of stainless steel. Construction is available in 304 and marine grade 316 stainless steel to match site requirements. Stainless units provide the most durability, longest lifespan, and corrosion resistance in most industrial environments. Internal separation media is available in either PVC or stainless steel.

oil and water seperation

Carbon Steel Construction:

H2K Oil/water separators are also available in welded steel for higher flow applications where either fiberglass or stainless would be cost-prohibitive. These units come with an industrial epoxy finish to provide protection against the elements. Carbon steel units are typically used where corrosion is less of a concern, but are capable of handling most environments.

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oil water seperation