Rental Water Treatment Equipment

H2K Technologies offers a large fleet of rental equipment for water and air treatment. Our capabilities include rental treatment system packages and standalone units. Our turnkey rental systems are optimal for construction dewatering, pilot testing, environmental remediation, and mobile water treatment.

Rental Treatment Equipment from H2K Technologies is constructed with our trusted industrial air & water treatment products to provide quality and performance. We manufacture custom treatment systems for long-term & short-term rentals. Mobile rental water treatment systems are available with options for trailer-mount, skid-mount, and portable enclosure installation. Our turnkey air & water treatment systems allow quick installation for immediate start-up and performance.

Dewatering Treatment Systems present unique challenges since water quality and contaminants may be unknown. Construction dewatering projects typically require a combination of oil/grease separation, VOC removal, and suspended solids filtration. Our rental water treatment systems include oil/water separators, air strippers, sand filters and carbon vessels to provide complete water treatment. Dewatering systems are designed for low maintenance and easy operation to maximize runtime and treatment.

Remediation System Rental is a good option for pilot testing and emergency response projects that require air & water treatment. Our equipment rental capabilities include turnkey systems for soil vapor extraction (SVE), dual phase extraction (DPE), air sparging, and groundwater pump & treat projects. Blower options include centrifugal, regenerative, rotary lobe, rotary claw, and vane design to provide performance from low pressure to full vacuum. Rental remediation equipment is available for portable treatment systems and for individual components. Mobile system packages include small sound enclosures, cargo trailers, or larger shed enclosures.

Rental carbon filter skid, mobile construction dewatering

waste water rental equipment

Rental Carbon Vessels are available for water treatment capacity up to 500 GPM. Treated contaminants include gasoline range organics (BTEX), chlorinated compounds (TCE, PCE), and many other VOCs. Material options include fiberglass (FRP) and carbon steel construction with pressure capacity up to 150 PSI. Carbon vessels are available up to 8’ diameter with 10,000 lb. activated carbon capacity. Rental options include single vessels and packaged skids with lead/lag piping headers and supporting equipment.

Additional information about our carbon vessels and equipment cutsheets can be found at the link below.

Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels

Industrial sand filter system, turnkey water filtration

Rental Sand Filter Systems for suspended solids removal are available with up to 1,000 GPM capacity. Filter vessels are available up to 8’ diameter with steel or fiberglass construction. Rental sand filters are available with manual backwash headers and automated backwash with controls. Standard design includes silica sand for water filtration, but additional media options are available for dissolved inorganic filtration. Specialty media includes greensand, Filox-R, Katalox, and other catalytic media.

Additional information on sand filter design and equipment data sheets can be found at the link below

Industrial Sand Filter Systems

Rental Air Strippers provide heavy VOC treatment for construction dewatering, remediation, and groundwater treatment projects. We have air strippers with up to 200 GPM treatment capacity for individual rental and with packaged treatment systems. Our non-fouling air stripper provides peak performance and 99%+ VOC removal in rental systems with heavy suspended solids (TSS) loading.

Additional air stripper information and product cut sheets can be found at the link below:

Industrial Air Strippers

Rental Oil/Water Separators are necessary water pre-treatment when free phase oil & grease are present. Oil & grease removal is critical to ensure performance of air strippers, carbon vessels and sediment filters in a water treatment system. Our rental oil/water separators are capable of treating up to 200 GPM for removal of gasoline-range & diesel-range products. Construction options include fiberglass, stainless steel, and epoxy-coated steel.

Click the link below for more information about our industrial oil/water separators

Oil/Water Separators

Accessories – We also offer additional accessories to complete your rental water treatment system. Accessories include bag filters, pumps, flexible hoses with camlock/flange connections, piping headers, catwalk platforms, instrumentation, control panels and more. Rental equipment can be packaged in portable trailers, skids, and enclosures.

Typical Rental Equipment

Mobile Air Stripper Trailer

A construction dewatering project often requires an easily portable system between excavation locations. This rental air stripper system is capable of up to 200 GPM water treatment for VOCs. This mobile water treatment package includes 10 HP process blower, 7.5 HP transfer pump, and control panel mounted to an open trailer for easy portability.

Non-Fouling Rental Air Stripper

Projects with high TSS/solids loading require equipment capable of handling the environment. This non-fouling air stripper is capable of up to 50 GPM water treatment, even with heavy solids loading. The compact skid-mounted air stripper system is designed to fit in a truck bed for easy transport. This unit is a perfect fit for pilot testing and other small-scale equipment rentals.

sand filter

Stacked Tray Air Stripper

This compact air stripper package is available for pilot testing rental and other small-scale water treatment. A 4-tray, 4 sq. ft. air stripper is packaged with process blower, feed pump, and controls. This skid-mounted system is capable of VOC treatment up to 30 GPM.

Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels

These 6’ diameter vessels are available for high flow water treatment projects. Rental of this lead/lag carbon vessel pair includes durable flex hoses for connection between vessels and to supporting equipment. Vessels provide water treatment capacity up to 250 GPM and forklift pockets provide easy mobility.

Versatile Rental Media Filters

This adaptable filter skid is plumbed with a piping header to provide parallel, series, led/lag, and backwash operations with a set of 4’ diameter filters. This skid-mounted water treatment system is capable for use with activated carbon and other media filters including sand, organoclay, and resin. Water filtration capacity up to 200 GPM.

waste water rental equipment

Mobile Liquid Phase Carbon Trailer

A trailer-mounted water treatment system provides easy portability around a project site. This rental carbon vessel trailer includes a feed pump, bag filter, and controls to provide up to 50 GPM capacity. A heated, weather-protected enclosure is available for use in cold-weather environments.

Rental carbon filter skid, mobile construction dewatering

Turnkey Water Treatment Skid

Packaged rental water treatment skids greatly reduce on-site setup, start-up, and demobilization. This water treatment skid includes a large oil/water separator and 16 sq. ft. air stripper to provide up to 150 GPM water treatment. Skid-mounted supporting equipment includes pumps, process blower, and local control panel to provide turnkey system operation. Access platform is provided with oil/water separator for maintenance access.

Mobile rental water treatment skid, oil/water separator, sand filters

Rental treatment skid, stacked tray air stripper, bag filters

Rental Bag Filter Skids

Rental bag filters skids are available in a wide array of sizing and arrangement. Options are available from a single housing to a 6-housing package. Multi-bag filter skids include individually isolated housings to allow continuous operation during bag changes. Bag filters help ensure a successful water treatment equipment rental by removing suspended solids before fouling carbon vessels, air strippers, and other equipment.

Bag filter, solids filtration, carbon pre-filter

Bag filter assembly, solids filtration

Air Sparge & SVE Trailer Systems

Multiple rental SVE & air sparge systems are available for long-term or short-term rentals. Typical systems include packaging in a standard cargo trailer with local controls and supporting equipment for a turnkey system. H2K’s broad treatment equipment selection will support additional treatment requirements for water or air.

Process Blower Rental

All rental blowers and pumps are available with supporting equipment for a turnkey system package. Rental blower stock includes a wide range of pressure and vacuum capabilities, including:

  • 10 HP Roots 56URAI positive displacement blower
  • 5 HP Roots 33URAI positive displacement blower
  • 15 HP Rotron EN909 regenerative blower
  • 7.5 HP Rotron EN858 regenerative blower
  • 5 HP Rotron EN757 regenerative blower
  • 10 HP Rietschle VLR-400 rotary claw vacuum blower
  • 20 HP Busch MM1322 rotary claw pressure blower
  • 10 HP Rietschle DTA-100 rotary vane blower
  • 5 HP Rietschle DTA-60 rotary vane blower
  • 3 HP Becker DT-40 rotary vane blower
  • 10 HP Quincy QP-10 reciprocating compressor
  • 10 HP NYB-1906 centrifugal fan
  • 5 HP NYB-1604 centrifugal fan

Compact blower enclosure, mobile vapor treatment