VLS Series Moisture Separators

H2K Technologies high performance air/water separators are designed for greater than 99% liquid removal from a process air stream, for use in industrial and remediation environments.

Data Sheet for VLS Series Moisture Separators

VLS Series Moisture SeparatorsMoisture separators are used for the removal of water and water vapor from a process air stream, typically for protection of downstream equipment. Vapor liquid separators feature a tangential inlet, which creates cyclonic separation of liquid from the airflow being treated. The centrifugal force from this cyclonic action separates the water droplets from the airflow as they collect on the wall of the separator and drop into the liquid holding sump. This process protects sensitive instruments and air handling blowers from the harmful effects of corrosion and fouling due to water vapor.


  • Soil vapor extraction (SVE Systems)
  • Dual phase extraction (DPE & MPE Systems)
  • Groundwater and soil remediation
  • Protection of vacuum and pressure blowers
  • Bioventing systems
  • Excavation venting
  • Post-heat exchanger condensate collection
  • Water separation
  • Landfill gas
  • Oilfield air handling
  • Oil refinery process air
  • Refrigeration & air conditioning systems
  • Natural gas processing plants

Design considerations and features:

Custom-built Separators: Every moisture separator built by H2K Technologies is built specifically to customer specifications. The locations of the inlet, outlet, cleanout port, pump out fitting, and sight glass fittings are specified by the customer. For sites where liquid storage is an issue, we provide knockout tanks with larger sump capacity for balanced pumpdown or gravity draining.

Internal Demister Element: Cyclonic airflow from a tangential inlet isn’t enough to effectively separate water from and air stream. H2K Technologies moisture knockouts contain an internal demister element to enhance liquid separation. This demister element covers the entire cross-sectional area of the separator vessel which minimizes vapor velocity and provides more surface area for liquid to coalesce and drop out of the vapor stream. Polypropylene and stainless steel demister elements are available.

Internal Acquiescence Plate: High vacuum applications have a tendency to pull previously separated water back into the air stream from the sump. Our air/liquid separators feature an internal acquiescence plate which prevents separated water in the sump from being re-captured into the flow stream. Efficiency is increased when the same liquid doesn’t need to be separated twice.

VLS Series Moisture SeparatorsDesign options:

  • Flanged cleanout port
  • Full vacuum design rating
  • Internal or air filter
  • Vacuum relief valve and manual dilution valve
  • Transfer pump with level switch assembly
  • Internal epoxy finish for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel or low-pressure fiberglass construction
  • ASME-stamped vessels for pressure or vacuum
  • Heat trace or immersion heaters for freeze protection

Sample Projects

High vacuum SVE moisture separators:

Welded steel knockout tanks from H2K Technologies are commonly used with high vacuum claw blowers and liquid ring pumps in remediation environments. To meet these high vacuum conditions, we offer moisture separators rated for use up to 28” Hg vacuum.

VLS Series Moisture Separators

VLS Series Moisture Separators

Low flow moisture knockouts:

Confined enclosures are a common location for moisture separators. To better suit these locations, small diameter and shortened moisture separators are available for custom fabrication to customer specifications.

VLS Series Moisture Separators

VLS Series Moisture Separators

High flow industrial knockout tanks:

Large diameter moisture separators are available for high capacity liquid separation. Manways for demister access, cleanout ports, and flanged connections are common options for these industrial liquid separators. H2K Technologies has the capability to offer tanks with diameters up to 96” with the ability to handle up to 11,000 CFM for your air handling applications.

VLS Series Moisture Separators

VLS Series Moisture Separators