Pilot Testing & Bench Scale Water Treatment Systems

Professional pilot testing and bench scale treatability studies of water treatment systems ensure equipment effectiveness in complex wastewater projects

Industrial wastewater processes often contain complex water chemistry that requires specialty technologies, media, and materials to handle unusual process conditions. Contaminated water with competing compounds, dissolved & suspended solids and variable pH levels bring uncertainty into treatment system design. A wastewater treatability study is a useful approach to confirm equipment performance before launching a full-scale treatment system. H2K Technologies offers services for bench-scale tests and pilot testing of our industrial water treatment equipment and systems.

Our bench-scale pilot testing capabilities include jar testing, column tests, specialty media assessments, chemical treatment, aeration, and more. Our experienced engineering team will review sampling data from your process and recommend a complete treatment system and properly scaled bench test. Pilot tests can be performed at our Minneapolis shop or on-location at your facility. On-site testing can be performed with a prepared test kit sent to the project site, with or without support from an H2K Technician.

Jar Testing is a method to calculate the ability for solids settling in a water sample. Jar testing is performed by agitating a water sample and observing the suspended solids settling rate in the container. This settling test is typically performed both with raw sample water and with addition of alum, polymers, chitosan, or other chemicals to compare effectiveness of potential flocculants. Direct measurement of settling rate will determine sizing of inclined plate clarifiers, equalization tanks, and oil/water separators in a full-scale system design.

Specialty media column testing uses low volume containers filled with sample media to test treatment effectiveness with a representative sample. Pilot-scale media columns process water at the same linear loading rate to approximate the media vessels in a full-scale treatment system. Column testing is especially useful when multiple treatment media are required to remove competing compounds from water. Some specialty treatment media have the potential to change pH level, form precipitated solids, and affect water color. Results from pilot column tests will help determine appropriate order of water treatment technologies, required volume of media fill, and proper hydraulic loading rate for a permanent water treatment system.

Aeration pilot testing will determine the effect of introducing air into a water treatment process. Air injection is a key component of air stripping, DAF, and oxidation treatment systems and proper aerator sizing is critical to a successful treatment system. Testing can be performed with either a continuous flow or a batch volume basis to approximate full-scale process loading. Results showing VOC reduction, solids precipitation, and dissolved oxygen reduction will guide equipment sizing for a full-scale treatment system.

Chemical metering and injection can be used for pH adjustment, advanced oxidation, and metals precipitation. Bench scale tests for chemical injection include addition of precisely measured chemicals into a sample volume of process water. Testing results will determine relative volumes and residence time needed for a complete reaction to size permanent water treatment equipment. Equipment implementation and start-up will be successful more quickly when proper chemical injection is understood from prior to installation.

Results from bench-scale tests are analyzed at our shop with handheld instruments and observation. Instant data can be provided for pH level, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, oxygen demand, and more. We also work with testing laboratories to provide more detailed data from pilot tests. Advanced sampling data from lab tests is available for suspended solids loading, particle size analysis, volatile organic concentrations, heavy metals loading, and more. Results from a properly designed pilot test will help optimize an industrial treatment system and save time & money by implementing a proven, tested system from initial startup.

Rental carbon filter skid, mobile construction dewatering

H2K Technologies broad industrial water treatment product line includes a large selection of rental equipment for small-scale and full-scale pilot testing. Equipment is available as individual components and turnkey treatment systems. We support water treatment pilot tests lasting weeks, months, or even longer to properly determine the best approach for a permanent system. Additional information and available rental equipment can be found at the link below:

Rental Treatment Equipment