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H2K Technologies

Systems Enclosures & Custom Buildings

H2K Technologies’ Building Systems Team provides prefabricated buildings, shelters and enclosures in transportable sizes up to 40' long and 14' wide. Because our buildings are pre-assembled, they are equipment-ready immediately after delivery and placement. Pre-assembly saves time and money by streamlining projects and facilitating the acquisition of multiple small buildings. In fact, we can save you even more by offering complete equipment mounting services in our facility.

We can save you time and money by offering optional electrical/lighting/HVAC packages, communications, security, fire suppression and more. We will even mount and wire equipment you supply to us in our facility. We also offer independent testing, certifications and PE-stamped documentation.

Welded Steel Construction
RCLV Series Rotary Claw

ENCS Series Steel Frame Enclosures
H2K's ENCS steel frame buildings are quality constructed and provides comfortable work environment for personnel working on process equipment or controls.

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Sound/Weather Enclosures for Blowers & Compressors (Fire Rate Enclosures)
RCLV Series Rotary Claw

ENSB Series Sound Box Enclosures
The ENSB Sound Box Enclosure is ideal for Environmental and freeze protection of equipment, such as sound attenuation of blowers, compressors, fans, motors, and pumps.

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RLV Rotary Lobe Vacuum

Custom Built Integrated Enclosures
H2k Technology builds a variety of custom and enclosures and portable buildings for a variety of industries.

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Wood Framed Steel Skid Construction
VGTO Vertical Thermal Oxidizer

ENCW Series Wood Frame Enclosures
Cost effective and versatile. Our wood framed enclosures are available with a variety of different options and can be modified architecturally to meet aesthetic needs.

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Enclosed Trailers
Thermal Convertible Oxidizers

ENCT Series Portable Trailer Enclosure Systems
Our portable line of transportable enclosure often requires no building permit as a temporary enclosure offering easy mobility for process equipment for frequent moving.

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Any time you need:
  • Environmental/freeze protection of equipment
  • Sound attenuation of equipment
  • Vandal protection for equipment
  • Comfortable work environment for personnel
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Architectural modifications to meet aesthetic needs

Application include:

  • Airport equipment and navigational aids shelter
  • Cellular/ microwave site
  • Critical UPS and instrumentation facility
  • Electrical control house
  • Emergency and proprietary radio shelter
  • Equipment penthouse
  • Fiber optic hub shelter
  • Gas and oil application
  • Generator enclosure
  • Ground water remediation
  • Instrument shelter
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Mechanical room
  • Medical equipment rooms
  • Metering and instrumentation facility
  • Oil and gas applications
  • Power distribution
  • Pump enclosure
  • Rail equipment
  • Remote monitoring station
  • SCADA and AMR
  • Skid mounted portable labs
  • Sound enclosures
  • Substation control room
  • Switchgear and motor control shelter
  • Traffic control
  • Transportable repair and maintenance shelter
  • Water and waste water treatment equipment

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